We’re the best at what we do …. Providing HIGH QUALITY Production Services. Large concert, small festival, nationwide tour stop or corporate event – we deliver the most appealing and cost effective production for your need. Customer satisfaction, safety and premium quality are our concerns, and no- one can do it like Studio SOS.


Studio SOS Production Inc. provide fabrication services for

  • Jaimala Theme
  • Artist Management
  • Stage Setup
  • Theme Setup
  • Exhibition Stalls
  • Display stalls and Prop
  • Road Show Vehicle
  • Wedding Decoration
  • Bride/Groom Entry
The production you demand at the best possible price meeting the highest standards, all produced by competent and professional staff. Studio SOS can take your event, match the production to your "rider" and produce the entire event for you. Studio SOS specialized in providing Customized Fabrication services. We offer innovative and customized fabrication. We had fabricated more than 10000 events all over India. Studio SOS recognizes that the Event industry is rapidly evolving and changing. New technological innovation create almost daily changes for production companies to contend with, finding themselves in the constant pursuit of upgrading and adding equipment to their inventories. Studio SOS has become the fastest growing production house.

About Us

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